What is happiness?

[DAY 8TH] Begin a love ….

Fewww, Seems i've finished the first week of this infinite journey. Actually, the first week lasted more than 1 year. Anything could happen in this world, eventually a week of a series lasting than 1 year. On the first day of the second week, or over 1 year later than the first day my series… Continue reading [DAY 8TH] Begin a love ….

What is happiness?


There is a specific "friend", who is the only one in this world. Whom you can hug, then begin the endless stories, the stories of your boyfriend, girlfriend, the stories of loving, breaking. You love each other so much that you never think that you will be a couple. Your "friend" will be second one… Continue reading [DAY 7TH]

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[Day 6th] Make sure that you’re following an accurate choice..

Well, it will be a little weird that the title will be totally opposite with the entire content. The problem is sometimes, you can't make sure about anything. Everything in your life is relative. So of course you can not make sure that you had an exactly choice, which won't make your life better. From… Continue reading [Day 6th] Make sure that you’re following an accurate choice..

What is happiness?

[DAY 5th] I must to do this first, then I’ll do that later…

One of most replying I usually get from my friends when we have conversations about traveling : I'll travel around Vietnam first then I'll travel abroad ... I wonder that if they are related each other? I mean : Even you travel to somewhere else, China, America, Europe,... Vietnam's still there. The beautiful Sapa or… Continue reading [DAY 5th] I must to do this first, then I’ll do that later…

What is happiness?

[Day 4th] Be stronger is the most necessary?

I have countless of weakness. I am always affected by the others easily. A suggestion makes me wonder in hours. A strong girl makes me suspect that i need to be stronger. I change my minds and get boring easily. I need the supporting of the others even I always say i don't care. And… Continue reading [Day 4th] Be stronger is the most necessary?

What is happiness?

[Day 3rd]Simple things make bigger thinking…

I just had a conversation with my friends. It was such a mesh. I even can't remember what I said. All of the conversation was a series a mean-less sentences. But what a nice surprised, i just open-my-mind which had been stuck in months. The problem was solved. My friend is totally not a BFF… Continue reading [Day 3rd]Simple things make bigger thinking…

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[Day 2nd] Who am I?

Sometimes, I just wish that all of the worries will disappear after closing my eyes. But they are still be there.... I am the kind of person who are always afraid of everything. Afraid of unsafe, misunderstanding, arguments, or annoying anyone. Then, after all of those worries, I will have thousand ways of hiding and running… Continue reading [Day 2nd] Who am I?

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A train journey in Thailand

One of the most memorable moments of the journey in Thailand was the time in the trains. Acceptable speed, comfortable seat, beautiful landscape, and very cheap ticket are the most important thing about this amazing transport. There are not many people who choose train to travel in Thailand. Maybe when I was in Thailand, it… Continue reading A train journey in Thailand

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Learn knowing how to like and how to hate

The world is so wide, and you must to learn many things to prepare for your own life (but not everything). And  two most important lessons are: LIKE and HATE. I can consider myself that I'm a hard student, and anyway, I still love studying. Sometimes, i look around and realize that everyone seems hate… Continue reading Learn knowing how to like and how to hate